We understand the importance of wanting to feed yourself and your family the most nourishing food you can and at the same time take care of the earth for future generations. 

“The weekly compost pickup -- and delivery of farm fresh eggs -- from Jackson Regenerational Farm's Curbside Composting Program has been a life changer. I have had, and failed at sustaining backyard composting, worm bins, community composting (where I had to deliver my scraps to the pile). None of it was a good fit for our family. With this program, I know all the food scraps and resulting compost gets reintroduced into the food web, with "no mess / no fuss" on my end. No fruit flies! One of the biggest annoyances of maintaining a home compost bucket is the inevitable arrival of the fruit flies. In over a year using Nick & Sarah's compost bins with weekly pickups as part of their Curbside Composting Program, I haven't had a single fruit fly swarm. I credit the tight fitting lids and the weekly clean and fresh bin delivered. And, when I do need to relocate the bins outside, local critters can't get into it and make a huge mess!”
Compost Member, Bangor

Do you know what you’re feeding yourself and your family? 

Feeding you and your family nourishing food you can trust shouldn't be hard.

We provide nutrient dense animal protein that you can depend on so you don’t have to worry if your animal consumption is hurting you or the planet.