We offer regeneratively raised pastured chicken, eggs, pork, and lamb for pickup or delivery in Maine and surrounding areas. 

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We understand the importance of wanting to feed yourself and your family the most nourishing food you can and at the same time take care of the earth for future generations. 

Regeneratively Pastured Chicken Broilers
Regeneratively Grass Fed Lambs
Regeneratively Pastured Eggs
"This chicken and pork are the best my family and I have eaten! I have been to the farm and have seen their healthy vital pastures and gardens. The animals are vigorous and clearly happy and unstressed. Nick and Sarah are really kind, passionate, and knowledgeable about what they are doing! I feel good knowing where my food comes from and that I am not only contributing to a healthy environment on Earth, but also supporting a small independent family farm! <3"
Nyla B.

We Provide Food Scrap Collecting Services! 


Curbside Compost Collection Program

We provide you with a clean bucket to collect your food scraps & pick up on a schedule - saving you time, effort, and the environment at the same time!

Do you know what you’re feeding yourself and your family? 

Feeding you and your family nourishing food you can trust shouldn't be hard.

We provide nutrient dense animal protein that you can depend on so you don’t have to worry if your animal consumption is hurting you or the planet.  


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"Sarah and Nick are a couple of the best caring and knowledgeable farmers I know! I highly recommend them. With them we know where our food comes from and is always treated with respect. Thank you for being such caring farmers!"
April S.