About Our Farm

Meet the Jacksons! Nick, Sarah, Maverick, Emily and Olin!

They know how challenging it can be to source ethically grown,  regeneratively raised nourishing protein – that’s why they decided to start their farm many years ago!

Nick Jackson and Sarah Mahan began their journey with farming when they started their family about 11 years ago. After many years of health problems after an ethical journey into vegetarianism, Sarah realized the importance of quality animal protein in her diet.  


Her health problems included multiple miscarriages, declining eye sight, digestion problems, and skin issues – Nick and her both agreed that they needed to focus on sourcing quality animal protein that not only was fed organically, also had access to the outside world. This was challenging to find – so they began their farm. 


They began their research learning more everyday about how healthy animals can help heal humans and the phrase “you are what you eat, eats” – Meaning that not all animal protein is created equally and that animals that are outside and have fresh grass, bugs, soil, fresh air, and sunlight are healthier.  


As they journeyed through this understanding, they realized that animals on pasture is also how they are going to help regenerate the land that has been degenerating over many many years.   And as they believe that we as humans have the potential to heal our bodies with nutrition they also believe that the earth has everything it needs to heal with proper animal impact and management. 


Since starting their farm, Nick and Sarah have both healed their bodies and their minds with their farm fresh food and being out in nature – while also healing the land they are stewarding. They love to discuss nutrition and environmental concerns as well as decision making and unintended consequences.  


They know how hard it can be to source the foods that can heal and they do believe that food can heal – and we are made perfectly to live the lives we need to live.  


Their children are all farm home-schooled on their beautiful farm – learning all about biology, math and the wholeness of the world by being stewards of the earth and shepherds to the sheep.


Nick and Sarah know that regenerative agriculture is the future!