Bum over Teakettle

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Below you will find our weekend update from Farmer Sarah, our special on Compost refer a friend, links to our limited offering of our organically fed pastured pork box and other regeneratively pastured meat cuts available and our calendar of upcoming events.


We hope you enjoy and if you have any questions along the way – please email Sarah at farm@jacksonregenerationalfarm.com.

Striped Maple our kitten decided to start fencing this weekit got so warm!

Bum over Teakettle

Have you ever felt like you were walking backwards and bam! Something you couldn’t see popped up and you tripped you, causing you to fall over backwards? 

Well that’s what happened this week as Farmer Nick was stretching out a water hose. 

You see – he uses regular hoses in the winter time to water the animals.  And although running water outside in the winter can be finicky, he has realized that using a sturdy rubber black hose and then stretching it out straight when he is done and then walking and using gravity to make sure all the water drains from it, works for us.   

He does this every day – he stretches the hose out in the same path along the sloping driveway.

Well, the other day – I think it was one of those warmer days – he was walking backwards (He doesn’t usually walk backwards but I think he was asking me a question) along his common path when BAM – there he went Bum over teakettle!

There was a large log that he had put in the path. 

And as he laid on the driveway and the hose water started to pour over his head, I had to fight the urge to laugh – I did manage to ask “Are you Ok?”

Gratefully he was ok. 

That’s my funny farm story for the week – hopefully it put a smile on your face. 

Sometimes though doesn’t it seem like we are walking along just fine when something –BAM- gets in our way and we falter.  Maybe we fall down, maybe we get hurt, maybe nothing truly bad happens and all’s well that ends well. 

One of the things that I rely upon in those moments is my family and my community.  They are the rock of encouragement, love, appreciation and a hand up when you fall down. 

This week we come to you with our hand reaching up.

With humbleness can I ask you – Would you be willing to help to spread the word about our farm? 

As you are well aware of – the costs in the world around us are rising and gas to get to the communities we serve is a real challenge right now.    

One way to help with this is to spread the word about our compost collection program, our lamb and eggs.

Right now, we are offering a special for anyone who refers a friend. 

If you know someone who wants to compost but can’t because of time, space or ability please refer them to the program and make sure they mention you! 

We have freezers full of lamb and pork and laying hens that give us wonderful eggs daily and would gladly gift them to you as a thank you for helping to keep us in business and getting the word out. 

We know that times are tough for many of us and I do believe that we all do better as a community – coming together to help each other.

As always, if you know someone who is struggling or needs help please let us know.

In our vision for the future – small businesses thrive, communities support each other, families are nourished and landscapes and watersheds are regenerated.

Thank you as always for being a part of what we do here on the farm.  Thank you for making change in the future of Maine. 

We send you our love and appreciation this week. 

With care your farmers,

Sarah & (Nick)

Cowboy Maverick heading out in the early morning to do chores
Our livestock guardian dogs on a walkabout on the farm.

Thank you for joining in on what we do.

Jackson Regenerational Farm making real change in Maine.

Increasing biodiversity – building soil – feeding communities

Farming with Nature

With love your farmers, Sarah & Nick

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