Curbside Compost Collection Program

You have food scraps that you need help with – thats why we are here to help!

For as low as $5.59 a week – you can get your food scraps picked up from your house and a clean bucket put in its place!  

Want to try our service? We offer a one month free trial period! (Setup fee** still applies) 

**There is a one time setup fee of $10 (This is to cover the costs of a new bucket with lid and initial setup meeting with Farmer Nick)

This service is currently for Bangor proper, Belfast proper & Dover-Foxcroft proper — if you think you are close to these communities and might be on our route – please send an email to and we’ll be able to confirm if this is a system that works for you!  

It’s simple:

  1. Click Subscribe! (Pick how many buckets you need each week – most households use 1 bucket a week)
  2. You will receive an email with instructions on what you can put in your bucket and welcoming you into our community!
  3. We will drop off your bucket and then you are on your way to building soil! 

You will have peace of mind knowing that someone is helping you to take care of your food scraps and returning nutrients to the soil!

BONUS!!! As part of this subscription, you receive any products you have ordered from our farm delivered straight to your door!!! Free delivery!