Honored, Humbled, & Grateful {Video}

Welcome to Jackson Regenerational Farm!


Below you will find our weekend update from Farmer Sarah, a special video, and  links to our limited offering of our organically fed pastured pork box and other regeneratively pastured meat cuts available.


We hope you enjoy and if you have any questions along the way – please email Sarah at farm@jacksonregenerationalfarm.com.

Screen shot from the Made in America video

We are absolutely honored, humbled and grateful for this video that was taken last summer on Jackson Regenerational Farm.

Order the Pork Box now!

Delicious pork from regeneratively pastured pigs - fed organic grains, egg from our hens, and lots of pasture nibbles!

Chickens in snow enjoying their snacks

Thank you for joining in on what we do.

Jackson Regenerational Farm making real change in Maine.

Increasing biodiversity – building soil – feeding communities

Farming with Nature

Farmer Sarah & Farmer Nick

6 thoughts on “Honored, Humbled, & Grateful {Video}

  1. I love what you are doing on your farm. Building soil with animals is the solution to improving the health of our environment and our own bodies. I fear the giant industrial complex that is pushing fake meat as a healthier alternative to the real thing.

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