Lamb Reservations for Winter 2022 and stories from the week.

Hello friends!

This week we have been welcomed by the crisp clear blue skies of January, the cloudy grey pillows of an overcast day, the north wind blowing so strong and fierce, snow coming down fast and thick and the brightest moonlit nights.  

Our work moves in cycles depending on the day- warming ourselves by the wood stove, heading outside to feed the animals flakes of hay and fresh water and then back again to warm ourselves.  Or outside in the crispness till the next mealtime.  

On the sunny days – we find warmth and solace in the light.  The constant pull to go outside and enjoy the wonders of the amazing sun and bask in it while it is here.

On the cloudy days, we would rather stay by the wood stove and read from our favorite book at the moment – but head outside knowing that we will be in again soon to drink another cup of coffee and enjoy the leftovers from breakfast. 

And when we wake in the night to the spotlight on our house and the fields far and wide illuminated from the brilliant January moon – we feel safe in the ability to see things that can’t lurk in the night.  

The hens are laying more eggs these days as they too are loving the increases in daylight as January plows on.   

And the ram and the ewes snuggle in the hay during the cold nights – maybe dreaming of lambing babies on green pasture in May.

We appreciate your support of our farm on these cold days as well as in the summer – because of you we are here doing what we do.  Thank you for your partnership in this adventure.  

Below there is more information about reserving your lambs for this year and why we will not be raising pastured chickens this year.  

We send you our blessings on this snowy January day.  

With care your farmers, 

Nick & Sarah

Time to reserve your lambs for Winter of 2022

Early reservation period for our whole and half lamb packages is now open.

The special deal for the early reservation will be open for the next two weeks and will close on Jan 31st.  

Deposits will be due by Jan 31st and final payments due May 15th 2022. 

Deposits can be mailed – just click pay with check payments and mail the check to Jackson Regenerational Farm 141 S Stagecoach Rd Atkinson, ME 04426. 

To see what is available and the savings for signing up early click below.  

We thank you for participating in regenerating the soil and the local community.

And that's it for this week!
Thanks again for being a partner in what we do!

With love, Sarah Mahan, Nick Jackson, Emily, Maverick and Olin 

Our goal – to raise wildly delicious regeneratively pastured protein, increase biodiversity and build carbon in the soil.  

Your partnership in Jackson Regenerational Farm is helping to change farming in Maine. Bringing local – regenerative sourced protein to more people.    

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