Lost boot, cold toes, and fall reservations

A few weeks ago, when the children were playing outside – Olin somehow lost one of his warm boots.  We are pretty sure one of those fluffy grey squirrels stole it off his foot while none of us were looking because WE CANNOT FIND IT ANYWHERE… (I’m sure they have it in their nest and it’s helping them stay warm)

Luckily, we had an extra set of boots in the same size – thank you hand me downs.  So, the children are still able to head outside and play on cold these days.

But it got me thinking about how amazingly blessed many of us are – to have the warm gear to go outside and feel comfortable!

We recently heard of the Valley Grange who were collecting socks for children in Piscataquis County who go to school with no socks.  To read more click here

And as I load another piece of wood into our wood stove – I know that we’ve use half our wood pile for the year. 

On Feb 2nd , Candlemas day, which is still 9 days away, we are supposed to have ½ our wood and ½ our hay and ½ our candles for the year.  Half our candles aren’t really necessary in these modern times, and we seem to have plenty of hay – maybe more than half, but our wood pile seems to have shrunk with these bitterly cold nights.

I know we’ll be fine – we are resilient young people – but I also know that if we’ve needed to burn extra this week, so have many of you and your neighbors.

So, if you would be willing to do me favor… Would you be willing to check on your community members and your neighbors – especially the elderly?

Make sure they are warm enough.  Make sure they are turning the heat up or using enough wood to stay warm. Make sure they have enough to eat.

There are many organizations who are around who are willing to help and many individuals who are in need. And I know that we all can help take care of each other. 

We can make a difference in this world.

We send you our warmest blessings this week.

with care your farmers, 

Nick & Sarah

P.S. If you would like to contribute to the sock collection and distribution
and you are a member of our compost collection program – you can leave
your sock donation out with your bucket and we will pick them up and
bring them to the Valley Grange. Or you can mail them to our farm Jackson Regenerational Farm 141 S Stagecoach Rd Atkinson ME 04426 and we add them to the donation collection.  Thank you!!!

Olin helping to bring in the wood!

Early bird sale for fall/winter reservations of lamb

This is the time to buy if…

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—–> you love supporting a local farm

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—–> you love lamb

The sale ends Jan 31st 2022!

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Olin welcoming Dad home after his deliveries
Family picture Sarah Mahan, Nick Jackson, Maverick Jackson, Olin Jackson and Emily Jackson

Thank you for joining Jackson Regenerational Farm in making real change.

Increasing biodiversity – building soil – feeding communities. 

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