Remember– our eggs are different! Our egg-layers always have access to outdoors (here’s to sunshine, fresh air, bugs and grass), they are regeneratively pastured (as appropriate seasonally), and are fed human food scraps (not just soy and corn), when we do feed grain it is always organic! The eggs yolks are a bright orange/yellow color – due to the hen’s foraged diet, not additives.

Delivery of our eggs are available for our Curbside Composting Members – If you are part of our Compost pickup program– your eggs will be delivered when we pick up your compost. Free Delivery! Please leave a box or cooler out with your bucket for us to safely put your eggs inside.  

If you would like to join our Curbside Compost program and live in Bangor, Dover-Foxcroft go here!

We will also have on Farm pickup for those that would rather pickup in Atkinson!

If your community is not in these locations please contact us.



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