Regeneratively raised lambs

Our lambs come to us from quality local breeders and are put on pasture as soon as grass and lambs are ready.

Our lambs are grass-fed on 100 acres of perennial pasture.

Lambs are “grazers,” and able to sustain themselves well on a diet of pure leafy greens.  As such, Jackson Regenerational Farm lambs are all 100% grass-fed.

 Our lambs never stay in the same place for more than one day to ensured maximum health for the lambs and pasture.


Weight 34 oz

2 reviews for Regeneratively Raised Pastured Lambs Whole

  1. kathy cerick and charles fitzgerald

    After we ate lamb from Jackson Regenerational Farm last fall, we realized it was THE BEST lamb we had ever eaten in our lives. We will be ordering every year from now on!

  2. Tara McLaughlin

    I recently heard about these kind folks and their farm, so I decided to give it a try. They are just a stones throw away from me. I tried their lamb chops. They were the most delicious, juicy chops I have ever had! Even though I am the only one who eats lamb in my home, my husband prepared them for me perfectly and commented that they did not smell “gamey”. I enjoyed them so much and look forward to stocking my freezer with more for stews. I have passed along my delight to other friends as well.

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