Regeneratively Raised Pastured Lambs – Deposit

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Lambs are raised on pasture and regeneratively!

Come join us in regenerating the land and eating nutrient dense absolutely delectable lamb! This is the choice to make if you value building soil and eating delicious along the way!

Buying a whole lamb allows you to stock up with a season’s worth of meat for you and/or your family. And the meat is so tasty, we are sure it will disappear quickly! Maybe you’ll need two lambs!

Hanging weights vary per lamb. Average hanging weight is 40-50 lbs – take home can be any where from  25-38lbs .

All your meat will come cut to specifications, vacuum wrapped, and labeled ready for your freezer.

Deposits paid on whole lambs help us buy the lambs from quality breeders.

Final payments due at processing time. Incremental payments can be made throughout the season.

Final payment due at processing time                 Deposit-$150

Prices include slaughtering and butchering costs $9/lb for hanging weight

For example:

(Estimate $360 for 40 lb lamb – Deposit $150 = $210 due at time of processing)


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Regeneratively raised lambs

Our lambs come to us from quality local breeders and are put on pasture as soon as grass and lambs are ready.  Our lambs never stay in the same place for more than one day to ensured maximum health for the lambs and pasture.


1 review for Regeneratively Raised Pastured Lambs – Deposit

  1. kathy cerick and charles fitzgerald

    After we ate lamb from Jackson Regenerational Farm last fall, we realized it was THE BEST lamb we had ever eaten in our lives. We will be ordering every year from now on!

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