Made with Regeneratively pastured lamb tallow and organic cold pressed olive oil infused with

wild harvested dandelion flowers. 2 oz.


We absolutely love this tallow balm – it has the amazing ability to reduce inflammation from a bruise or bump and also soothe irritated skin. The way we think of it, the lambs are out eating the most nutrients day after day – put on fresh pasture each day – and storing all the healing benefits of the individual plants in their fat.

We believe in honoring the whole animal and using the tallow helps us to do that –plus with the healing benefits that are compounding and build on each other.

This tallow balm is very natural – no additives – as such is stable at room temperature but will be harder in colder and softer in warmer spaces. If it is too hard – place it near a wood stove or warm place for a few moments – or warm it in your hands before applying. Shelf life 1 year.

This product is unscented – if you find you would like to add scent to this balm – you can gently warm it and add a drop or two of whichever scent you prefer and mix it in.

Health Benefits of Lamb Tallow:

– Rich in nutrients – This tallow balm allows your skin to absorb more nutrients while being rich in vitamins A, D, E, K, and B1.

– Tallow reduces inflammation because it contains conjugated linoleic acid, which is a natural anti-inflammatory

– Helps protect against lipid peroxidation which can damage pores

– Helps neutralize damage caused by UV light

-PUFA Free**


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