Regeneratively Pastured Chicken – Wait list

Our chickens are all raised on pasture and so we do our best to estimate how many we will “finish” by August.
Sometimes there are things we can’t predict like predation or weather events – so that’s where the wait list comes in! 
And we also know the first week of August we will have an abundance of fresh chickens ready to fill the freezers and fridges of many people.
It’s great to know ahead of time that you want chicken.  
We sell by the pound – the chickens -are $5.99 per pound and usually average about 4.5 – 5lbs.  So 25 lbs is approximately 5 chickens. 
We are asking for a deposit of $1 per pound up front and the remaining balance due upon pickup. So if you wanted to be on the waitlist for 25 lbs You would send us $25 to hold your spot and the remaining $124.75 would be due upon pickup.  
The chickens will be fresh if you pick them up in August – so there is potential for you to cut them up into smaller parts and then freeze them from there.  
So next steps:
1. Email – and let me know how many lbs you would like – and specify if you would prefer them fresh so you can cut up.  – 25lbs, 50 lbs, 100 lbs etc. 
2. Mail a deposit check to 141 S Stagecoach Rd Atkinson 04426, to hold your space – we will hold this check until we know if we will be able to proceed with the order.  
3. At the beginning of August we will be in touch – and you can pick up when they are fresh or later when they are frozen. 
Thank you so much for supporting our farm.  
With care, 
Nick Jackson and Sarah Mahan