Sourdough Pasta with Ground Lamb and Organs

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Below you will find our newest video update,  links to our limited offering of our organically fed pastured pork box and other regeneratively pastured meat cuts available and our calendar of upcoming events.

We hope you enjoy and if you have any questions along the way – please email Sarah at

Sourdough Pasta Recipe – Ellie’s 1,2,3 Sourdough Pasta (used with permission)

200 g eggs (4)

400 g sourdough starter

600 g flour

1/2 tsp salt

2 TBSP fat (butter, lard ect.)

Mix, ferment for 4-8 hrs on the counter or longer in the fridge, roll, cut


And for more detailed instructions head on over to Ellie’s blog


Next Up…

Monday  May 16th 4pm 

@ Jackson Regenerational Farm – 141 S. Stagecoach Rd. Atkinson ME 04426


Tiny Acres Farms will join us to demonstrate– Mushroom Inoculation  & Potluck

Tiny Acres Farm is a certified organic farm selling mixed vegetables,
fruits, mushrooms and more! They focus on regenerational farming practices
benefiting the land they steward so they can better feed the soil and
community. The integration of outdoor cultivated mushrooms in
traditional market garden systems is something they believe to greatly
benefit soil building and diversity.

Thank you for joining in on what we do.

Jackson Regenerational Farm making real change in Maine.

Increasing biodiversity – building soil – feeding communities

Farming with Nature

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