Update on the Farm

This is a challenging post for us to write. 


Please bear with us. 


The quick update is that our Belfast area compost collection services are ending and we are going to continue weekly service to the Bangor area. 


To those of you in Belfast, we will be picking up your compost buckets and delivering eggs and meat again on June 2nd and a final collection on June 16th


From there on we will transition to a monthly community farm drop/home delivery – details to follow. 


Energy costs are increasing.


And if we can’t afford a vehicle to drive or to even fill up a vehicle we are not going to be in business long.


And that in the long run will not help anyone.


We are holding on tight with all our effort to staying in business because this farm’s vision is to increase biodiversity and build soil and we think that this is so needed for our future and our children’s futures. 


We will continue to focus on the soil health.


We value raising nutrient dense food for you – and we are going to do this with less trips off the farm.


At the current state of gas prices, we are losing money to drive to Belfast each week and since our margins are so tight – we cannot afford to continue on this path.  Especially since it appears that gas prices are going to continue to rise.



How you can help?  We very much appreciate all the support you send our way.  Continuing to support our farm by buying lamb cuts, eggs by the dozen, and pork cuts, we also would like to sell 5 more whole lambs for the fall.  Sharing with your friends and neighbors about our farm so we can feed more people!


Many people have asked if we can start a GOFUNDME – We have never asked for a fundraiser – we have the mentality of “value given for value received” and so a GoFundMe – has been a hard thing to ask for since there is no direct value trade.  However, many people have asked if they can donate to a truck fund or a gofundme. 


And so, this is where I say that if you think you are getting value from us being in the community – if you think we are providing value to you and the community – you can share that value with us – our paypal account is @jacksonregen and our venmo account is @Jackson-RegenerationalFarm. 


However, we would rather feed you delicious tasting meat in exchange for your hard-earned value and if that is the case – consider joining our regenerative impact program.  Where you can exchange value for future farm products like lamb, beef, pork and eggs. 


Bangor customers – at this current time – we have enough customers to keep this route going on a weekly basis – so service for you will not change.  However, we will need to keep evaluating as energy costs change.


That’s one thing I appreciate about us – our ability to pivot as things change around us.  Like we have said in the past – our goal isn’t to raise eggs or lamb or collect compost.  It has always been to increase biodiversity and build soil – lucky for us we can do that in a number of ways. And so, we will continue on because the worst thing you can do in the midst of a disappointment is to give up. 


We love you all so much – we value you – we are so grateful for all the support we have received along the way. 


And just like any journey there are hard parts and there are the easy parts and still we continue on.


Thank you for believing in us and supporting us. 


With appreciation your farmers,

Sarah & Nick

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  1. Hey! I am happy to pay more! You all shouldn’t have to absorb inflation … pass it along to the consumers… or at least split the difference! Everyone is *so grateful* for the service that you provide and will understand an increase. Would it help to have more customers in the Bangor area?

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