What is a Regenerational Farm?

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What is a Regenerational Farm?

I remember years ago, when we were first starting our farm and
coming up with a name.  Farmer Nick told me he had been thinking on it
and loved the name, Jackson Regenerational Farm. At first, I thought it
was a bit of a mouthful, but after he explained what he was thinking, I
too fell in love with the name. 

The idea that we are not only a family farm – but a family farm
that is holding in our awareness the generations of the future who are
yet to walk on this Earth.  We want to make it a better place for them –
clean water, clean air, nutrient dense foods, soils with life and
abundance, healthier humans, increasing biology and a world filled with

We hold in our consciousness, the generations who have walked
before us and how they have made an impact on the land through the
decisions they have made with the limited knowledge they had.  Learning
about the history, the land, the weather events that have come before us
and the epistemology of how we know what we know. 

And we hold our current context of the world and the land in our
consciousness and all the decisions we make. In order to make better
decisions,  we need to understand our current context of the world with
the past and the future in our consciousness. 

As Farmer Nick describes in the video above, on a regenerative                                     farm, we use livestock as opposed to tractors and technology to improve                       the quality of the soil by grazing and impacting landscapes in ways that                      mimic herds and flocks of wild mammals and birds and their predators.

On a regenerative farm, we aim to leave land better than we found it
by improving fertility, water holding capacity and increase life in the
soil as well as more insects, birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. 

Regenerative farms also seek to regenerate human health and
communities by growing nutrient dense foods and when we eat better food
we believe it has a trickle down effect and impacts all aspects of our

We are farming with nature.  We observe the natural world and mimic
as much as we can.  And with any decision we make, our goal is to always
increase biodiversity and build soil.  We do that through keeping the
soil structure intact – no tilling.  We do this through not using
pesticides, herbicides, fungicides.  “Cides” means to kill – killing is
not increasing biodiversity – it is just the opposite. 

And we believe in the health of the soil and mother nature to take
care of us if we believe in her and continue to feed her and nourish
her.  The health of the soil not only impacts the plants and animals
that are directly connected but also the water that runs to our rivers,
lakes and oceans and transpires on hot summer days to cool the earth.                         The soil is our only hope for restoring a working water cycle. 

And I’ll leave you with one final statement. 
This statement is what we refer back to when making decisions for the future. 
This statement comes from our time reading Holistic Management by Allan

“We want stable families living peaceful lives in
prosperity and physical security while free to pursue our own spiritual
or religious beliefs. We want adequate nutritious food and clean water.
We want good education health and balanced lives with time for family,
friends, community and leisure for culture and other pursuits.  All to
be ensured for many generations to come based on a foundation of ethical
and humane behavior to all life regenerating soils and biologically
diverse communities- on Earth’s land and in her rivers, lakes and

We send our love to you this week and thank you so much
for being a part in what we do here on the farm.  You are helping to
regenerate soils and life for the future. 

– Farmer Sarah

Pigs raised on pasture!

Thank you for joining in on what we do.

Jackson Regenerational Farm making real change in Maine.

Increasing biodiversity – building soil – feeding communities

Farming with Nature

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  1. Glad this generation of farmers is thinking about What they are leaving for our children and all future generations.

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